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English and French are littered with irregular verbs, making them extremely difficult to learn, especially for the non-native speakers. Not Portuguese. There are only 17 irregular verbs, which happen to be the most commonly used ones. The rest are regular. There are quite a few tenses which may be confusing for some at first, but they're regular. They may involve some English grammar study for the average anglophone. Verb tenses aren't something that's used in the English language in the same way that it is in Portuguese. However, once the concepts are understood, their use is easy and straightforward. Due to their Latin base, Portuguese and English also share a large vocabulary.

The best thing about Portuguese is that it's nearly all phonetic, so pronouncing words is just a matter of learning some reading laws. Silent letters and weird sound clusters don't exist in Portuguese. Everything is pronounced how it looks, making reading and writing a cinch. Italian and Spanish are very similar to Portuguese. If they listen closely, speakers of all three can understand one another. Speakers of Portuguese tend to have an easier time understanding Italian and Spanish than do Italian and Spanish speakers. Learning Spanish and Italian is separate; however, knowledge of Portuguese will help with learning both. It can also assist with learning French. Finding online courses that teach European Portuguese is more difficult than finding those that teach Brazilian Portuguese.

There are some differences in pronunciation and idioms, but communication between the two is easy enough. It's akin to American vs British English. European Portuguese tends to be more nasal and spoken more quickly. Once Brazilian is mastered, it's simple to pick up the European dialect. Portuguese is generally not found in schools but there are plenty of online courses and books that can help you learn. In major cities you can probably find a native speaker to help you. If all else fails, you can always study Portuguese in Brazil. Immersing yourself in the culture and language is a good way to learn the language. That way, you're forced the learn it and learn it fast. Whatever way you decide to do it, learn Portuguese. It's a great language tool to have under your belt. Study Portuguese in Brazil . Study, have fun and discover . Free class material. Next to the Beach. Speak Portuguese 24/7. Technology Classrooms. Learn discovering Rio. Native Teachers. Free enrolment. Courses: Small Group, Private Classes.

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