Common Complaints About Raccoons

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Raccoons are incredibly adaptable animals. raccoon deterrent helps to explain why they fare so well in man-made environments. It almost seems sometimes as if they prefer the ease and convenience of urban life over living in the country.

The reality, of course, is that when they live out in the middle of the country, raccoons are just more likely to go unnoticed than they are when they begin to topple trashcans and take up residence beneath porches and outbuildings. It’s really only when they start encroaching on spaces intended for human inhabitants that they become a real nuisance.

Common Complaints

There are a few common complaints that property owners tend to lodge against their masked visitors. raccoon deterrent are often known to harass household pets, make a mess of residential trash, knock down bird feeders, and even enter houses through doggie doors and other means to help themselves to families’ food. When this happens, raccoon removal becomes a priority.

Reasons to Hire a Pro

Whether property owners are looking for help trapping raccoons in attic spaces or they’re just sick of dealing with these neighborhood pests harassing their dogs, it’s always best to hire an experienced animal control expert. Raccoons may be smaller than most household pets, but they can be quite dangerous if they feel threatened. Plus, they are capable of contracting the rabies virus, which can be passed to people if they are bitten by an infected animal.

Signs of Raccoon Infiltration

Raccoons have developed a few different strategies for getting into people’s homes. They often crawl in through roof vents, attic fans, and chimneys, for example. Once they’ve gained entrance to the house, they’ll often make their presence known quite quickly.

Residents may notice strange growling sounds or loud chirping in the middle of the night. They may also notice scratching sounds or think that there is someone walking around in their attics. Homeowners who want to find out about other signs of trouble and common complaints can check out this additional reading.

The Importance of Immediate Removal

Most homeowners will find this idea horrifying, but it’s surprisingly common for people to underestimate how serious raccoon damage can be and to allow these unwanted guests to stay for days or even weeks before taking action. This is a huge mistake. If left to continue wreaking havoc, they can wind up causing structural damage to chimneys, crawl spaces, attics, siding, and other areas of the home. Plus, raccoon trap smell terrible when they die in difficult to reach places.

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