Sauvage Christian Dior Cologne

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But this afternoon, it went down the hill to only four-5hours roughly. I am absolutely swooned by this fragrance.
it's so aggressive and unpleasant. remind me of paco rabanne bad colognes.
I don't hate it but it's not a prime 5 choose for me. We will see, waiting on hotter climates. Last time I sprayed it lasted for about 12 hours.
I spray 1 spray on every shoulder which just provides anyone who passes you just a whiff. You cannot deal with this perfume like any ole perfume and go crazy on the set off. If you use moderation with DS it'll give you the results you want and garner a lot of compliments. 2 perhaps three sprays and if you want to take it to another degree, pair DS with Bleu De Chanel.
Gorgeous citrus odor at the opening with a metallic vibe that settles into a very clean, "good-looking" scent after three-four hours. I wished to clean it after 30 minutes since it was so loud on me. I don’t put on fragrances for ladies and don’t recommend you do both. wow ok I simply obtained a sample of this a number of days ago and I have no idea how this fragrance grew to become so in style. yes the projection is one the most effective I seen but this is just an terrible synthetic mess.
Forget all of the hate, Dior Sauvage is an attention getter. Yes, it is Ambroxan overdose and sharp however a little goes a good distance.