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I can't really like biographical films, that is different. From the earliest minutes of watching, I seen that the film was worthwhile and intensely interesting. I realize that what caught my attention was that'Catch Me If You Can'is dependant on real events, and nothing is fictional about it. Steven Spielberg merely talent. He made a striking film about a beautiful thief. Many people feel, if it movie wasn't shot by Spielberg, it do not possess captivated the crowd so much. Don't think, I would not mean that nobody is able to shoot, it's just this American director who manages to do it damn well. I think how the film is deservedly in the TOP 250 best films around the planet. I watched great Catch me if you're able to (2002) movie on #link# free online.

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As I said, the film is based on real events, or you have to be precise, it's about one very talented and cunning thief, Frank Abegneil. At the age of 16, his parents divorced, and outside of desperation, he left home and began driving the United States of America. As you can imagine, the teenager didn't have money to travel round the country. With time, he learned to brilliantly forge bank checks, from where he got money for housing, food and travel. So he robbed loads of banks totaling over $ 2.5 million within his 16 years, can you imagine that? Personally, i don't. The young thief decided not to end there. Using his natural charm and, not surprisingly, cunning, he received the training on the doctor, an attorney at law, managed to become pilot using a passenger plane, and hubby did all this before he was twenty-one. Of course, with his machinations, he attracted the interest of FSB agents, who began a genuine track down him.

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The important plus in Catch Me If You Can is Leonardo DiCaprio. Each of his films is doomed to success, and if he plays underneath the direction of Steven Spielberg, then there's no need to mention anything, everything you can see without words. Things know about hide, DiCaprio is actually a talent who often pleases us regarding his play and controversial roles. On this film, the young actor got the role of Frank Ebegneil, anf the husband coped by it just flawlessly. He perfectly got helpful to the'skin'of the handsome rogue who used his beauty as a weapon, which undoubtedly attracted women. Another, giant plus will be the performance of Tom Hanks. From the film, he plays FSB agent Karl Hanratty, who's been chasing Abegneil for most years. He tried all ways of work, though the criminal always slipped from the clutches of justice. Hanratty'sleeps and sees'how to cover up the famous thief behind bars, nonetheless it turns out to be not so simple to complete it. http://www.johnsonclassifieds.com/user/profile/4373693 I absolutely liked the performance of both actors. Spielberg has perfectly selected a duet that appears aesthetically pleasing, and even more importantly, looks believable on screen and inspires sincere trust.

"Catch Me If You Can" is usually a biopic having a pinch of romance and comedy that anybody should watch. This is certainly another advance of Steven Spielberg, whose name is known worldwide, and the films come in the most notable and will be the standard of high-quality,'multi-genre'cinema.'Catch Me If You Can'is a movie that could be watched often, and I promise that you will never get bored with it.

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